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Review by John Armitage
Director of IT


Following on from our IT business strategy in 2020, our journey and progress has been rapid across all digital transformation initiatives, resulting in:

Reduced IT costs

Greater visibility of cost such as software and services, and the move away from on premised data centres to cloud services, has enabled a reduction in annual costs of around 30%. 

Environmental benefits, reducing carbon footprint and offsetting

Using cloud services has enabled the development of lighter mobile friendly websites that require a fraction of power and resources to access, browse and stream. Cloud services are up to 93% more energy efficient and can generate up to 90% fewer carbon emissions than traditional on-premise data centres, supporting our ESG commitment. 

Mobility and remote communication

Enabling our people to access essential systems and services from any location has changed the way our people work and communicate, utilising technology platforms such as Video Conferencing, making better use of their time, working in an agile way.

Improved operational efficiency and productivity

Our system now being cloud based, there is no downtime, so our people have un-interrupted access as needed via any location.

Increased response speed to changes and increased demand for services

By using the power of cloud services, our systems are responsive to our business needs from temporary increases in compute power, licences or large projects including external partners.

Drives a culture of innovation, preparing and anticipating disruption

Cloud services enable our teams to think beyond any boundaries that innovation can present. It allows greater anticipation of disruption that can be addressed instantly without worrying about resources, capacity, or capability.

Improving integration and internal collaboration

The ability to make connections across our services is enabling greater collaboration across our people our businesses and partners, removing barriers and maintaining the highest levels of security, safeguarding our systems and customer data. All of this, empowers decision-making by proving the frameworks for deepening data analysis.

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