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Sustainability & ESG: taking action to support the resilience of local communities and the environment 

Review by Jo Holden
Sustainability & ESG Director

Over the last 12 months, we have focused our strategic actions on lowering carbon emissions, enhancing biodiversity and reporting on the considerable social value delivered through the work of Peel L&P.

Our Sustainability & ESG Director, Jo Holden

The Vic at MediaCity

Climate resilience

In 2021, we completed a Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) gap analysis and in 2022, we will voluntarily report on TCFD for the first time. Over the past year, we have understood the adaptations we need to incorporate into our asset management plans, to ensure our buildings are fit for the climate of the future.

Social resilience

In 2021, we started to apply our Social Value Framework widely across our business, so that we capture the needs of existing and new local communities within the areas we work, and incorporate activities to boost jobs, local skills, housing and other important requirements.

Box on the Docks at MediaCity

Northstone’s Airie housing development approved with over 10% biodiversity net gain through development

Biodiversity & Natural Capital net gain

We have been embedding biodiversity net gain into our masterplanning activities – ensuring we look at our impact on existing ecosystems and habitats and commit to leaving a site with a better level of biodiversity than when we started. In 2021, Northstone’s Airie housing development in Bolton was one of the first planning applications in Greater Manchester to be approved with over 10% net gain for biodiversity. We have undertaken natural capital assessments across our business to better understand where we can amplify urban cooling, capture carbon, improve air quality or flood resilience, and increase access to nature – all to move towards achieving ‘environmental net gain’.

Understanding the sustainability concerns of our stakeholders

Almost everything we do, we do in partnership with our stakeholders, always striving to be a trusted partner. In the last year, we have collectively engaged with around 2,000 external stakeholders, sharing our plans and getting vital input to identify and prioritise the most important material sustainability and ESG issues. We published our first Materiality Matrix in our annual Sustainability and ESG report for 2021/22 and will use the information to engage better with stakeholders on their key issues, refine our plans and review the priority of our actions.

Construction at one of our Northstone development sites

Facts & Figures

2,703 tonnes

We have acted on energy with a 18% reduction in consumption and saving nearly 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in just one year.

34% reduction in water consumption

We have acted on water, with a 34% reduction in consumption, and the introduction of Sipple machines to reduce the need for thousands of plastic bottles. 

Goal 13 on Climate Action

In 2021 we adopted UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 on Climate Action, acknowledged the climate and ecological emergencies by joining Business Declares and created a Climate Positive Plan, which is available on our website. 

ZERO waste

We have acted on waste, with zero waste to landfill for a fourth consecutive year.

307 trees planted

We have acted for the natural environment with biodiversity and natural capital net gain assessments, management of conversation sites, new public realm, and hundreds of trees planted. 

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