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50 years, 50 projects,
50 billion investment

Over a period of 50 years, The Peel Group’s Ocean Gateway will deliver an unprecedented scale of co-ordinated private sector investment across the North West of England.

An independent review of the first 10 years of Ocean Gateway reveals that it has delivered more than £5 billion of private investment, creating 21,000 jobs and 5,000 new homes.

It is a truly pioneering approach to the renaissance of the strategic corridor encompassing the City Regions of Manchester and Liverpool with a focus on the regeneration of land and assets fronting the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey. It also covers adjacent areas within Warrington and Cheshire.

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A decade of delivery

In 2008, we set out our vision for Ocean Gateway, a pioneering programme to drive the renaissance of the strategic corridor encompassing the City Regions of Liverpool and Manchester and adjacent areas within Cheshire and Warrington through a £50 billion programme, involving 50 projects over 50 years.

Ten years on we have reviewed how Ocean Gateway has progressed, its relevance today and what needs to be done to adapt and deliver the vision over the next 40 years.

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More information

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