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Read our latest Sustainability and ESG Report

At Peel L&P we’re focused on action, not pledges, and are committed to helping people and places realise their true potential.

Working in partnership we are innovating, creating and implementing ideas at scale. Smart built environments, low carbon energy solutions, functional green public realm and the promotion of sustainable travel options - just some of the areas in which we are delivering real transformation. Discover more about our how we’re taking action for people and the planet in our Sustainability and ESG annual report.

Going forward, our individual business units will be operating as independent stand-alone businesses and will be taking responsibility for delivering progress against their own sustainability commitments and targets. Therefore, this is the last report demonstrating our progress against the Peel L&P as a whole 5-Year Business Plan.

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Five year sustainability plan

We have a comprehensive action plan, with clear governance and performance targets, that will drive real change for the benefit of people and the environment.

UN SDG Goals/Commitments

All of our work is underpinned by globally recognised principles and calls to action – The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

These ‘Global Goals’ guide our work to embed sustainability into all our placemaking activities. Working in partnership with our stakeholders, we have prioritised the five that are most relevant to our business…

Our targets & progress

Aligned to the UN’s own targets to support the Sustainable Development Goals, each of our commitments has a set of clear targets.

We track progress and report annually on achievements. Click to discover more...

We have:

Sent zero waste to landfill for the second year in a row

Delivered an extra 2.02 acres of public realm, across our strategic waters destinations

Certified to the new ISO 50001:2018 standard

Business Declares

To further our focus on climate resilience, we’ve joined Business Declares, acknowledging the urgency of the climate and ecological emergencies and our commitment to tackling them alongside like-minded businesses.

Climate Positive Plan

We’re helping to enable a climate resilient future for all.

Discover more about our commitment within our Climate Positive Plan.

Our approach to ESG considerations

Tackling climate change and developing more sustainable, healthy communities are critical, and people customers, investors and employees alike expect companies to act.

At Peel L&P, we see ESG reporting as the tip of the iceberg. It is the action we are taking and the plans we have in place to reduce our risks, and make our business fit for the future, that are most important to us.

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