Peel L&P’s social impact goes well beyond the employment and wealth creation established by our investment and development activities.

Engaging with the communities in which we operate has always been central to our approach to sustainable growth. 

Since 1996, through our charitable and community initiatives Peel has injected a conservatively valued £70 million into our communities through a range of activities.

Examples include...

  • A donation of £12.5 million to the Imperial War Museum North in Trafford Park contributed to its creation, providing the area with a world class visitor attraction of great historical significance housed in an architectural masterpiece.

  • Land valued at £18 million was donated at our Glasgow Harbour development to enable the building of a transport museum, already a major visitor attraction for the Glasgow area.

  • Supporting and encouraging the public use of waterways is also a key agenda for Peel. The Bridgewater Way is a regeneration project that will create a 65km/39 mile route along the Bridgewater Canal for cycling, walking and community use.

  • Supporting the new Manchester Children's Hospital appeal and raising in excess of £1.5 million over two years. This began with a charitable donation of £1 million and was supported by a range of fundraising activity including the first ever swim of the Manchester Ship Canal by James Whittaker over two days.

  • Through employee engagement each year we select three north west based charities to benefit from Peel’s charitable programme. We support a specific project from each respective charity for the year. Our charity coffers are boosted by fundraising activities undertaken by our employees.

We are currently supporting:

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