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17 Sep 2020

Bridgewater Canal teams up with local volunteers to clean up Stretford

The Bridgewater Canal has teamed up with 25 local volunteers to clean up litter and debris at one of Peel L&P’s canal side development sites on Edge Lane in Stretford.

Supplied with personal protection equipment and with marshals in attendance to ensure the activity was Covid-19 safe, the group filled six, eight-tonne skips of rubbish collected from the boat yard over the course of eight hours, split over two days.

Director of the Bridgewater Canal, which is owned by Peel L&P, Peter Parkinson said: “I would like to say a huge thanks to the team who facilitated the clean-up in Stretford, their time is extremely appreciated as we focus on improving the area for the local community to enjoy. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask people who regularly use the canal to be mindful of the effects litter can have on our environment and to take their rubbish home or dispose in a responsible way.”

David Wright, local volunteer said: “As a community, we feel passionately about improving our town. Coming together to help clean up the boat yard clearly demonstrates this. The more we participate in local initiatives, the stronger our community will be. A big thank you to the hundreds of people who expressed their support for the clean-up, an even bigger thank you to the dozens of volunteers who gave their time over the two days, and, of course, many thanks to Peel L&P for facilitating the event.”

Mark Whittaker, Peel L&P’s Executive Director for Property Investment & Management concluded: “For us at Peel L&P, sustainability means delivering benefits to communities and the environment in everything we do. Litter picks and clean-ups are a great way to not only better the communities in which we live in but also to build links and relationships with local people, to help make a difference, together.”

Peel L&P is a regeneration business with generations of history and is now responsible for some of the most transformational development projects in the UK today.