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30 Nov 2022

Connecting people to nature with Citizen Forester and City of Trees

Peel L&P have supported City of Trees for several years now, joining their 100 Trees Club, raising money and volunteering – all to make the region greener through planting trees and restoring woodlands, helping to make the North West more resilient to climate change.

12 months ago, Peel L&P made a £40,000 donation made possible through Peel L&P’s carbon offsetting programme, that has been used over the last 12 months to expand City of Trees’ Citizen Forester programme. The programme enables local volunteers, of all ages, to take part in a range of practical conservation and greening activities, such as tree planting, restoring woodland and helping communities to connect with their local environment.

Alex Bedford, fundraising manager, City of Trees commented: “Peel L&P’s generous support has enabled us to expand the number of events we can offer to the public as part of our Citizen Forester scheme.

“This has meant that we have been able to connect an even greater number of people to nature and their local environment across Great Manchester. Through activities such as tree planting, canopy raising, litter picking and woodland thinning, volunteers have helped to improve their existing local green spaces whilst also creating new environments to promote biodiversity, improve health and wellbeing outcomes and make Greater Manchester a greener, more climate resilient city region.”

Since 2016 the City of Trees charity has planted over 750,000 trees in Greater Manchester. In just the last 12 months, with help from Peel L&P, over 160 tree planting and woodland maintenance volunteer events have been run, engaging with over 3,000 school children and 2,700 other volunteers.

Jo Holden, sustainability director at Peel L&P, said: “As we celebrate The Tree Council’s ‘National Tree Week’, it is fantastic to see the impact of the great work City of Trees and their Citizen Forester volunteer scheme has had over the last 12 months.

“Not only are we supporting a project that will have a significant impact on carbon reduction and biodiversity across Greater Manchester, but we are also helping thousands of people get their hands dirty, contribute to their community, and connect with nature.”

The collaboration with City of Trees is just one initiative contributing to Peel L&P’s five year sustainability plan that includes actions in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and helping communities to connect with nature.

The Citizen Forester volunteer scheme offers the opportunity for the citizens of Greater Manchester to reconnect with the natural world and help tackle the current climate crisis at a local level. For more information on a wide range of local volunteering opportunities visit