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17 Feb 2021

My Peel L&P internship: Lorna Davies

I’m currently undertaking a three-month internship in the Sustainability team at Peel L&P, working closely with Jo Holden and Laura Atkinson. 

Having graduated from the University of Leeds in 2018, with a degree in Human Geography, learning about the devastating social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change inspired me to follow a career that would positively impact the future. However, I knew I wanted to gain tangible experience before starting my career.  

Throughout 2019, I travelled independently around Asia and the Pacific, covering over 10 countries and volunteering in many. In Asia specifically, I saw the dramatic impacts of the climate breakdown first-hand, witnessing widespread deforestation, destruction of coral reefs and the extensive global plastic pollution crisis. Seeing such devastating impacts only increased my desire to work in the field of environmental change and sustainability.  

jumped at the chance of an internship at Peel L&P as I wanted to gain experience working in the sustainability sector for a company that is leading the way in sustainable development in the North West. Peel L&P aims to deliver benefits to communities and the environmentconsidering the long-term impacts. 

During my first month, I have been involved in the release of the company-wide Sustainability Survey and have also been working with the Sustainability Champions to develop a Sustainability Plan for each business sector of Peel L&P. I will continue to support the work on Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) reporting and will be involved in the creation of the next internal Sustainability Update. 

My experience at Peel L&P will hopefully provide me with the essential skills, knowledge and experience to develop a career in sustainability and climate action. Prior to starting my internship, I was unaware of how many different business areas Peel L&P is involved in. I have really enjoyed learning more about each of these and (virtually) meeting numerous employees across the business, all of whom have been extremely knowledgeable, welcoming and keen to get involved in securing sustainability throughout the business.  

It is becoming increasingly important for companies and employees to consider their impact on the environmentSustainability is vital and work to reduce carbon emissions, plastic use and waste should be implemented in every aspect of business and development. Peel L&P is making positive changes and building momentum in the field of sustainability; ensuring new developments involve the local community, achieve biodiversity net gain and work towards a low-carbon economy. It is great to work with a team of people who share the same passion for positive environmental change.  

In the future, I hope to carry on my career in sustainability and work with environmental organisations to drive positive climate action across the UK and globally (once we can travel again!).