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27 Oct 2021

Peel L&P acknowledges the climate and ecological emergencies and adopts a fifth Global Goal: UN SDG 13 on Climate Action

To help accelerate our action towards addressing climate change as part of our five-year sustainability plan, we have introduced another United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to strengthen our commitments, UN SDG 13 on Climate Action.   

We already report against four of the 17 global sustainable development goals and this newly-adopted goal will help to track all the progress we are making on our Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) Action Plan, which is soon to become a mandatory reporting requirement for all UK large companies, and a way of sharing important information about the impacts of climate change with key stakeholders.    

In addition to this, to put an even greater focus on the need for climate resilience, we have joined Business Declares, acknowledging the urgency of the climate and ecological emergencies and our commitment to tackling them.   

See the letter from our CEO Steven Underwood here.

In accordance with our membership of Business Declares, we will publish a Climate Positive Plan by the end of January 2022.