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27 Aug 2020

Peel L&P appoints first Estates Director

Regeneration business Peel L&P has appointed its first Estates Director to manage its 12,000-acre rural estate and work across the business to help bring sites forward for development.

Chartered surveyor and registered valuer Rosie Wilson re-joins Peel after six years at Denbigh-based property management company Jones Peckover where she worked as a rural surveyor across North Wales.

Prior to this she spent eight years as a land agent for Peel Holdings. 

Rosie, who is part of the National Council for the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers and Welsh Advisory Committee, will implement a new triple bottom line approach to Peel L&P’s estate management with a focus on social, environmental and financial impact.

Rosie will also support other departments to bring forward land for housing and energy projects as well as work with external landowners and farmers to look at partnership opportunities and short and long-term uses for Peel L&P land.

Rosie said: “It’s great to return to Peel L&P and work with an exciting portfolio that is full of possibility for transformational change and I will be looking for new opportunities for our existing rural estate to contribute to this.

“I’ll also be helping to strengthen our social and environment impact across our portfolio, in particular how we achieve natural capital as well as exploring partnerships with other estate and landowners.”