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01 Oct 2019

Peel L&P opens its case at Hulton Park public inquiry

On the first day of the Hulton Park public inquiry, Peel L&P is opening its case in support of its transformational plans for the historic Hulton Park estate, in Bolton, which has the potential to boost the national economy by £1.2 billion. 

Peel L&P has remained committed to its exciting plans to open an iconic international golf destination in 2025 capable of hosting the Ryder Cup in 2030 or 2034.

Over the next three weeks evidence prepared by leading planners, ecologists, heritage experts and transport advisors will be presented to show that the project is highly sustainable and will enhance the local area. 

A socio-economic impact study shows that the overall impact of Hulton Park and the Ryder Cup programme would be £1.2 billion, bringing huge benefits to Bolton, Greater Manchester and the North West in terms of skills, participation, health development and tourism as well as securing future major sporting events.

Richard Knight, Planning Director for Peel L&P said: “For nearly 50 years Peel has been turning regeneration visions into a reality from retail schemes to new iconic waterfront destinations. We take great pride in the positive legacies we are creating and our plans for Hulton Park are no exception.

“The reality is that the Hulton Park Estate is in long term decline and is in need of major investment.

“What we’re presenting is a special and transformational opportunity which will help tackle some of the major challenges around skills, infrastructure, productivity, wages, participation and health. The social and economic impact and legacy of creating a new world class golf destination in Greater Manchester would be enormous.

“We are committed to implementing and managing the development responsibly which has been designed to specifically cater for the Ryder Cup and other major tournaments. The work we’ve put in gives it the best possible chance of being chosen as a future venue. If permission is granted, the development would only be implemented if the right to host the Ryder Cup were awarded. It is well within our capabilities to deliver it.”

The project has the approval of Bolton Council and the support of a wide range of national and local partners, including England Golf, local sports and tourism bodies, local universities and business groups.

The PGA European Tour ultimately decide on the host venue for the Ryder Cup in conjunction with host nation Governments and venues.

To view the full report visit:

Design and heritage: 

  • The provision of 1000 new, high quality homes within a sustainable community is essential in order to deliver the wider heritage, social and economic benefits and will make a substantial contribution to meet local housing needs. Peel L&P is committed to delivering 10% affordable housing, potentially increasing to 35% dependent on the scheme’s viability.

  • The proposed luxury hotel, spa and conference centre is located over the footprint of the original Hulton Hall and has been designed to give the Park a focal point and reflect the style of a traditional English Country House.

  • The Estate’s original roads and footpaths will be retained and utilised for the hotel with the adjacent lake and its surrounding lawn areas, landscaped and fully restored to the east, west and south.

  • The proposed Academy will be easily accessible and will house key facilities for the local community.

Economic impact

  • The development will deliver significant social and economic benefits for the local area, Greater Manchester, North West and on a national scale, in terms of new homes, heritage restoration and principally through golfing legacy arising through hosting one of the world’s largest sporting events – The Ryder Cup.

  • The overall net value of the socio economic impact of the development and the Ryder Cup, across the UK would be £1.2bn.


  • The development incorporates 10% affordable housing with the potential to increase to 35% dependent on viability, a new link road, contributions for school places, health and other requirements.

  • The proposed new housing would generate an increase in land value that is to be invested entirely in the golf and heritage aspect of the development.

  • There is an identified shortfall of £50m based on current viability appraisal, however Peel L&P believes this will be reduced as the project is implemented and is committed to delivering the development.

Ecology and trees

  • The scheme has been designed to deliver significant long-term gains for bio diversity and through long term management it will be enhanced ecologically through the creation of new habitats.

  • Out of Hulton Park’s 21 ecological feature, 15 would be enhanced from measures put in place throughout the development, five would experience no change and one feature - arable land would be lost.

  • Its ecological function for birds and insects will be enhanced with new wildflower grassland on the golf course.

  • At all times there will be a net gain in biodiversity value.

  • If the development does not go ahead the condition and ecological value of the site would deteriorate as there would be no intervention to diversify and manage the eco system of the site.


  • In conjunction with the Bolton Council a package of transport improvements will be delivered to encourage sustainable travel and improve accessibility to the site

  • The delivery of a link road between Chequerbent and Platt Lane will eliminate congestion at Chequerbent roundabout, significantly reducing current delays at Park Road/Platt Lane junction.

  • The Highways Authority agrees the impact of the development on local road networks will not be severe.