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24 Jun 2020

Peel L&P joins new national social value task group for the built environment

Peel L&P is part of a new UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) task force set up to help define what social value means for the built environment sector.

Despite growing interest, the UKGBC reports that there is still significant confusion around social value in the context of the built environment and what is required from delivery partners working on new development projects.

The UKGBC also states that there are often calls for more standardisation, particularly around the measurement of social value, but also for flexibility and what is best at a local level.

Following the success of the UKGBC’s Framework Definition for Net Zero Carbon Buildings which launched last year, the UKGBC now believes that a framework definition for social value could also help to build a consensus on a common understanding of social value in the built environment.

The task group aims to develop a definition of social value that is relevant to a range of development types, geographies and communities, providing the industry with a common language, consistent principles and an agreed delivery plan.

Peel L&P’s representative on the panel is Sustainability Assistant Laura Atkinson.

Laura said: “I’m honoured to join this group and to be working alongside industry experts to help people better understand the social benefits and opportunities that buildings and new developments can bring to people’s lives and the economy.

“We have a really diverse development portfolio at Peel L&P, including 11 of our own UKGBC verified net zero carbon buildings and capturing social value is high on our agenda. I look forward to working with other UKGBC members to help bring consistency in how we all measure the positive impacts our developments are having on people’s lives.”

Sophia Cox, Sustainability Advisor at UKGBC, said: “This task group brings together some of the leading organisations working on social value in the real estate and construction sector and places them under a shared purpose: To create a definitive understanding of social value, and resolve the confusion that is preventing practitioners from maximizing the value delivered through new development and existing buildings. We know that the built environment shapes the quality of our lives in profound ways – only with a clear definition of social value will the sector be able to understand and enhance the value that high quality, sustainable development brings to communities.”

UKGBC will undertake a consultation later this summer to canvas views across the industry to inform the definition.

In 2019, Peel L&P launched its first five-year sustainability plan which supports the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs) to help create a fair and sustainable planet by 2030.

In January this year, 11 of Peel L&P’s buildings became the first in the UK to achieve net zero carbon status as defined by the UKGBC (2019).

Read more about Peel L&P’s sustainability work here. 

More information about the UKGBC Social Value Task Force and Social Value Programme.