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28 Nov 2019

Planning Application Submitted for Therme Manchester

Therme Group has applied for planning permission for a unique wellbeing resort in Peel L&P’s TraffordCity.

Therme Group’s vision is to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts, accessible to all, embodying a perfect interplay of nature, technology and culture.

The first of its kind in the UK, Therme Manchester uses natural forms and structures in its design to create a unique architectural concept. It will be a landmark development for the city and is set to become an iconic symbol of the north-west of England.

Therme Manchester will be an immersive experience to enhance the mind, body and soul. Visitors will have the chance to unwind in a perfect tropical environment with turquoise, warm-water lagoons among spectacular botanical gardens.

Nature and water are at the heart of the experience, with exquisite design throughout. Guests will be able to enjoy everything from affordable luxury-class spa therapies, multi-sensorial saunas and therapeutic mineral pools to exciting wave pools, waterslides and many fun and healthy activities.

At 28-acres, the size of 19 football pitches, the expansive Therme Manchester site is located in TraffordCity, opposite intu Trafford Centre and Barton Square, with the new Metrolink station directly outside.

Public spaces around the development will be transformed into a relaxing natural bio-diverse environment. With sustainability a top priority, new cycle paths and footpaths will open up the area and provide improved connectivity around TraffordCity and with the neighbouring Bridgewater Canal.

Therme Manchester is being developed in close collaboration with Peel L&P on the current site of EventCity, which will be relocated and redeveloped as a new state-of-the-art events venue in TraffordCity.

Four Zones With Wellbeing For All

Therme Manchester boasts four zones and hundreds of activities for children, adults and seniors. There are endless possibilities, with each visit offering a unique experience, personalised to individual needs, mood and time.

Galaxy is the fun, family area of Therme Manchester with entertainment for both adults and children, blending active play and relaxation. There are exciting waterslides and a wave pool, alongside exotic palm tree relaxation areas where adults can take time out. Visitors can enjoy live music while dining at laid-back bars and restaurants, with ‘family favourites’ menus expertly tailored to have healthy choices the kids will love.

Palm is a peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation zone for adults (16+) and is perfect for couples, singles, groups of friends and seniors. The balanced ecosystem of Palm, including exotic botanical gardens, creates a wonderful sense of calm in a tranquil green environment. Indoor and outdoor pools, swim-up bars, therapeutic mineral baths and beautifully designed steam rooms offer the opportunity to relax and focus on stunning surroundings and oneself.

Elysium invites visitors to discover global and historical traditions of wellbeing in the UK’s largest luxury spa. Essential to the experience are guided multi-sensorial journeys, in exquisitely designed saunas, led by ‘Aufguss’ masters. These unique sessions maximise the mental and physical benefits of thermal therapy. Beautifully planted gardens surround Elysium, giving areas for yoga, Pilates, meditation and relaxing among nature.

The fourth zone, Genesis, is a completely new concept in the world of wellbeing to enhance mental and physical health. With the help of advanced body scanners and expert therapists, each guest will have a personally designed programme picked from authentic therapies from around the world.  Genesis will include the very latest in one-to-one wellbeing technology and equipment, providing affordable access to luxury-class facilities.

At the heart of Therme Manchester is a bio-diverse garden for all seasons, designed in the form of a rose with petal-shaped terraces and beautiful pools. This central aspect of the design acts as a focal point for socialising, learning and discovery and creates a link between the four areas.

Art and its role in spiritual wellbeing is central to Therme Manchester. Collaboration with world-class artists, based on the Therme Art programme, and an extensive programme of permanent and temporary installations will promote discovery and wonder, contemplation, playfulness, and engagement with others.

Therme Manchester is scheduled to open late 2022, bringing the opportunity for an affordable holiday every day to the communities it serves.