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25 Nov 2020

Planning committee votes on appealed Haydock Point plans

On the 24th November members of St Helens Borough Council’s Planning Committee were asked to decide the Council’s position on the appealed Haydock Point planning application, ahead of this being considered at a Public Inquiry by an Inspector and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government early next year.

During the meeting, members elected to vote against the scheme which was first submitted in 2017 by Peel L&P, working with logistics developer PLP.

Richard Knight, Director of Land and Communities at Peel L&P said: We are disappointed that the Planning Committee has decided against the officer recommendation and opposed the plans for Haydock Point Employment Park. Despite this, there are many positives to take in respect of a largely agreed position over the need for and benefits of the scheme. The proposals can deliver a substantial economic boost to St Helens including an £11.4 million investment in J23 of the M6 and support a wide range of jobs and apprenticeships for local people during a time of economic uncertainty. 

“An overriding concern around landscape impact was unexpected after several years of working with the Council towards a positive outcome. Nonetheless, we will have a look to see what can be done to address that single issue and we look forward to continued working with local stakeholders and presenting the proposals to the Planning Inspector, in order to ensure that St Helens does not miss the opportunity to unlock substantial investment in the Borough.”

Notes for Editors

It is anticipated that a wide range of social and economic benefits will arise from the development, which is expected to commence in 2021 and be completed within 5 years. During the construction phase, the following benefits are expected:

  • 265 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) construction jobs
  • Construction apprenticeship opportunities, e.g. electricians, construction management
  • Construction supply chain opportunities for local companies
  • Between £153 and £165 million construction expenditure worth £27.2 million to the North West economy (GVA), with an annual uplift of £6.5 million (GVA) within St Helens.

Once built, the development is expected to deliver:

  • In the region of 2,500 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs
  • A wide range of apprenticeship opportunities, focused around the logistics and manufacturing sectors, including the establishment of £100,000 fund to maximise apprentice opportunities and to connect local residents with these roles through training and support
  • A £1m investment into a dedicated bus service connecting the development with communities in St Helens, Earlestown and Newton-le-Willows
  • £3.5 million Business Rates per annum, based on 2020/21 retention levels, this will be wholly retained by St Helens
  • Around £159.2 million each year to the North West economy annually (GVA), with an annual uplift of £62.2 million for St Helens. Commitments to local employment and skills are set out within the Haydock Point Local Employment Strategy (Turley, 2020) and will be bound through a legal agreement.