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05 Feb 2020

Realise your possibility at Peel L&P: Jess Holbrook, People & Talent Advisor

Continuing our focus on apprenticeships in Peel L&P, we’ve caught up with Peel L&P’s People & Talent Advisor, Jess Holbrook to find out more about opportunities for future apprentices at Peel L&P.

Jess started her Peel L&P journey in 2017 and focuses her time on attracting the best possible talent along with overseeing the Apprenticeship Levy and apprenticeship options for individuals.  

Once an apprentice herself, studying Business Administration Level 3 to completing her Undergraduate Degree, Level 5 CIPD Qualification, Jess is a firm believer of apprenticeships and what they have to offer.

How many Apprentices do we employ at Peel L&P?

We currently have five apprentices working in Peel L&P working in a variety of departments from IT to our Lifestyle Outlets division.

Tell us more about your involvement with apprentices at Peel L&P

I support managers to attract and recruit the talent they need to help achieve their business goals within Peel L&P. One aspect of this is helping them understand the benefits apprentices can bring to their teams.

I support apprentices in finding the right course relating to their field of work, ensuring we are working with the best providers and making sure they get the most out of it. We set objectives within the meetings both personally and professionally and I get a real understanding of how the individual is progressing.  

What support is in place for apprentices at Peel L&P?

I act as a mentor for apprentices and check to see how they are getting on and if they require any additional guidance. Mentoring is an important part of an apprenticeship and can provide much needed additional support, helping them understand their role in the business, develop their career path, and provide a listening ear if they’re facing any problems and challenges throughout their journey. Having been an apprentice myself, I can relate to working full time and studying which can be hard at times but certainly pays off in the long term!

Our apprentices are supported both internally and externally with having a three-tier approach with their Line Manager, Course Tutor and the People Team. This seems to work well as apprentices get the opportunity to get advice both from a technical perspective, real life work perspective and soft skills to accomplish success in their studies.

At Peel L&P, our scale, diversity and ability to see possibility, allows us to be bold and think big. This results in a unique place to work where ‘possible’ is real and where opportunity is there to be sought, owned and realised. Allowing team members to realise their individual possibilities.

What kind of courses are available?

Apprenticeships are available to anyone aged 16 and over who is not already in full time education and is eligible to work in the UK. Not only does the scheme offer people a successful way of entering the world of work but they also offer opportunities to existing team members/managers looking to further their skills and experience within their current job roles.

There is set to be over 1,600 courses available covering subjects such Construction through to Hospitality. Qualifications are available at all levels from Level 2 which is equivalent to 5 GCSEs right up to a Master’s degree equivalent, Level 7. With such a diverse range there really is a pathway for all!

What does it mean to Peel L&P to support apprentices through their education and career journey?

Over the next two years, we will be working closely with our stakeholders to develop relationships and increase apprenticeship opportunities through our regeneration projects, enabling new employment and opportunities across the North West. At Peel L&P, we are one business made up of dynamic units, projects and people meaning there are always opportunities across a wide breadth of subjects and we are proud to be supporting people to gain the right skills and training to enter the world of work.

It’s really great to see our current Apprentices growing within their roles and exciting to see how much more we can develop Apprenticeship options within Peel L&P for both our existing teams and future generations to come!

What future opportunities are available to apprentices embarking on a position at Peel L&P?

With the ever-growing projects and destinations Peel L&P look to develop, our need for talent will never stop. For all opportunities, click here.