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29 Jun 2021

Regional leaders back transformational Hulton Park proposals

North West business, tourism, sport and education leaders are supporting proposals to transform the historic Hulton Park estate into a thriving sustainable community around a world-leading new golf resort.

The proposed championship golf course has already been shortlisted by UK Sport and Ryder Cup Europe as a potential venue for England’s bid to host The Ryder Cup in 2031 or 2035.

If successful the event would have a catalytic impact on the local economy, creating over 1,000 jobs and delivering social and economic impact of at least £1.2bn overall over the coming years.

Today, Peel L&P’s plans have been endorsed by leading figures from a variety of local and regional organisations who share a view that the Hulton Park project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Bolton and the wider region.

Dr Zubair Hanslot, Provost of the University of Bolton said: “Peel L&P’s revised plans for their Hulton Park development demonstrate their continuing commitment to the regeneration of Bolton and its surrounding areas.

“Successful delivery of these proposals is another important element in raising the aspirations and well-being of the local community, especially those of our young people.

“The University of Bolton Group is delighted to support these proposals as they complement plans for the University of Bolton’s College of Medical Sciences and the redevelopment of the Royal Bolton Hospital site, which will create much-needed and longstanding educational and health benefits for our community.”

Damian Waters, North West Director of the leading business group CBI said: “The transformational Hulton Park proposals are incredibly exciting and have the potential to have a hugely positive impact on the regional economy.

“Hosting The Ryder Cup at a new world-class championship resort in Bolton in 2031 or 2035 would bring in tens of thousands of visitors to the region -  increasing tourism spend in places like The Lake District and Liverpool as well as Greater Manchester.

“The proposed Golf Academy, the new school and transport infrastructure will also ensure that the whole community benefits from this once-in-a-generation opportunity and I am pleased to support the plans.”

Mike Blackburn, Chair of Marketing Manchester, which promotes Greater Manchester on the national and international stage, said: “Creating a championship-standard golf course, resort and facilities at Hulton Park would be an outstanding addition to Greater Manchester’s already strong credentials as a globally-significant location for sport.

“Hosting The Ryder Cup, one of golf’s most popular competitions, would be a massive feather in Bolton’s and our region’s cap. I am pleased to support Peel L&P’s ambitious vision, which if realised would bring huge economic benefits to Greater Manchester over the long term with thousands of international visitors every year coming to play the course and enjoying the many other brilliant attractions the North West has to offer.” 

Hayley Lever, CEO of GreaterSport, the charity dedicated to changing lives through physical activity and sport in Greater Manchester added: “GreaterSport is pleased to support the proposed hosting of The Ryder Cup at Hulton Park.

“The outcomes identified within the proposal strongly align to our  ‘Greater Manchester Moving’ vision, with the shared purpose to positively change the lives of people across Greater Manchester through physical activity and sport.

“The Hulton Park project, including the new Golf Academy, has the potential to make an impact on reducing inactivity and increasing engagement in physical activity and sport in people of all ages, while also creating more active and sustainable environments and communities.”

Richard Knight, Peel L&P’s Director of Land and Communities, said: “It is very pleasing to see that some important organisations in Bolton, Greater Manchester and beyond recognise the potential of the plans, not only to transform the local economy, but also to positively impact on community health and wellbeing by delivering new facilities and access to green space.

“We have been excited to develop our thinking in partnership with the local community and many partners across the area, and that’s why we believe that our refreshed proposals will deliver a greener, more accessible and more inclusive Hulton Park.

“We are confident that Hulton Park in Bolton can host the best Ryder Cup ever in 2031 or 2035, in doing so creating a legacy of investment and regeneration just a few miles down the A6 from where the competition’s founder Samuel Ryder was born.”

Peel L&P’s public consultation for Hulton Park runs Wednesday June 30 2021, so time is limited for members of the Bolton community to review the detailed plans and submit their feedback.

Residents can ask questions and submit feedback in the following ways:

- Visiting the consultation website and completing a feedback form at

- Calling the Community Information Line on 0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 5.30pm)

- Emailing comments and questions to