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12 Mar 2020

Wirral Waters welcomes Government's plans to invest in trees and woods

Peel L&P’s Wirral Waters, one of the UK’s largest regeneration projects, has welcomed the Government’s announcement of a new Nature for Climate Fund investment in trees and woods, as outlined in yesterday’s budget.

The funding will be used to support community forest initiatives to create high quality environments for millions of people by revitalising brownfield land, providing new opportunities for leisure, recreation, and cultural activities, enhancing biodiversity, preparing for climate change and supporting education and healthy living.

Commenting on the announcement of the fund, Richard Mawdsley, Director of Development of Wirral Waters at Peel L&P, said: “We are very pleased to see the Government making such a commitment to the creation and revitalisation of much-needed green spaces. Creating green, resilient and liveable spaces has been at the core of Wirral Waters from day one.

“In partnership with Mersey Forest, Forestry Commission and BEIS we’ve already planted over 1,500 native new trees across the site and the approaches into Wirral Waters. This will continue through our projects during the lifetime of Wirral Waters and through initiatives like the Urban Tree Challenge Fund through which we have recently secured funding for a further 360 trees at Wirral Waters. Wirral is known for its natural and green assets – so we hope this approach will be adopted within the surrounds as we seek to improve the environmental quality of the area.”