DONG Energy secures construction base for latest wind farm

DONG Energy has signed a lease for construction base facilities from Peel Land and Property at the Cammell Laird site in Birkenhead.

The base will serve as the focal point for the construction of the Burbo Bank Extension, DONG Energy’s latest offshore wind farm, in Liverpool Bay.

It is expected that the site will employ up to 50 people, with the UK supply chain further boosted by contracts for production of key components. This will include turbine blades manufactured on the Isle of Wight, production of foundation transition pieces in Teesside, and onshore substation work being carried out by UK companies Balfour Beatty and Jones Brothers.

DONG Energy is leasing the construction facility from Cammell Laird, who in turn leased the 6.5 acres site from Peel Land and Property. The process of staffing the site will begin immediately, in preparation for the beginning of offshore construction for the wind farm due in the summer. Onshore construction got underway last year.

Burbo Bank Extension Project Director, Claus Bøjle Møller, said: “This is another step forward for both Burbo Bank Extension and UK offshore wind. The facilities in Cammell Laird are of the highest quality, and having been used for similar purposes before, will allow us to efficiently handle the construction of the wind farm as we move towards offshore work. We are pleased to be located in Birkenhead and look forward to working within the community.”

Liza Marco, Asset Manager for Peel Land and Property, also added: “Peel is at the forefront of delivering low carbon energy across the UK and we are therefore delighted to work with the renewable energy sector through Cammell Laird, who continue to grow their business in the sector, and DONG Energy, a leader in UK offshore wind.”

The construction base will initially service the installation of offshore elements of the Burbo bank Extension project.

Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm will be located in in Liverpool Bay, 7km from the shore. Once completed, the wind farm will have a capacity of 258 megawatts, enough electricity to power 230,000 UK homes.