Delivering benefits to the
community and the environment

For Peel L&P, sustainability means delivering benefits to communities and the environment in everything we do. We understand the environment we live and work in and we’re here for the long-term. We aim to ensure that everything we do has a sustainable legacy for generations to come. ​

Peel L&P is the first property company to achieve Net Zero Carbon status using the UK Green Building Council’s 2019 definition for buildings in the UK. Read More Here

Watch our video on how Peel L&P volunteers helped restore rare peatland to capture carbon and boost biodiversity: View Here

We devote our energy to accomplishing great things; not for their own sake, or ours, but for those who come after. Today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Our ambitions are for a more prosperous, sustainable future for all; where people and places are matched with the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Our new five year sustainability plan aims to help us meet the current needs of our business and stakeholders whilst keeping ahead of key trends to ensure we future-proof our activities. We are often the facilitator, with an in-direct impact on sustainability, and our ambitions can only be achieved by working together with partners to keep pace with key future trends.