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Peel NRE is proposing to build a Plastics to hydrogen facility that will treat some of the UK’s 4.9millions of tonnes of plastic waste into hydrogen that can be used as a fuel.

This would help to divert plastic from going to landfill or being incinerated.

The intention is to submit a planning application to West Dunbartonshire Council, and though statutory consultation is not required Peel NRE wants to consult the local community to give you a chance to comment on the proposals.

The consultation will run until Friday 16th July 2021.

Please click here to find out how to have your say.

The Site at Rothesay Dock

The site is on Dock Street in West Dunbartonshire near the boundary with Glasgow City.

The site has a previous planning permission for an Anaerobic Digestion Facility (ADF). The new proposals are smaller and generate less traffic. Peel believes that this new proposal will be a better use of the site, put plastic that cannot be recycled to good use and help contribute to tackling climate change.

What is Proposed?

The new facility would help deal with some of the millions of tonnes of plastic that currently ends up in landfill, exported overseas or incinerated.

The proposal is to create both a Hydrogen to Plastic Facility and a Hydrogen Refuelling station at Rothesay Dock. Both the proposed buildings and the footprint for the proposals are smaller than the previous proposals for an ADF facility. Peel believes the site is well located to serve the West Dunbartonshire and Greater Glasgow areas.


What Would Be On The Site?

The plastics to hydrogen facility includes two buildings that are approximately 10.6 metres high and there would be two stacks measuring xx and xx metres. This building is where the treatment would take place to create the hydrogen fuel.

The hydrogen fuelling facility would be a smaller building like a petrol filling station in scale.

The site would treat up to 35 tonnes of waste plastic each day. It could produce up to 2 tonnes of vehicle grade hydrogen and produce up to 3.2 megawatts (MW) of electricity each day. The site could also generate up to 2 MW of heat should a user be found.

Once operational the site could fuel up to 40 HGVs each day. All traffic volumes are lower than the existing consented scheme.

How Can I Have My Say?

Although consultation is not required for a development of this scale, Peel NRE wants to give the community a chance to have a say on the proposals. Due to Covid restrictions there is no face-to-face consultation, but you can submit your views in a number of ways.

You can fill in the online consultation questionnaire to give us your views.

You can get in touch by calling our community line on 0131 523 1311, or by emailing

The consultation will close on Friday 16th July, so please do contact us before then. Peel NRE intends to submit a planning application to West Dunbartonshire Council and the consultation feedback will help inform the proposals.

Clyde Rebuilt Vision

“Clyde Rebuilt has a long-term vision: a Glasgow City Region that flourishes in a future climate. The great River Clyde provides a central flow to our vision, taking in the rich diversity of urban and rural contexts across the region. Clyde Rebuilt will explore how its projects can deliver deep-rooted change that allows the City Region to adapt to climate change and bring lasting benefits for communities by understanding and overcoming political, cultural and economic barriers.

It will seek out adaptation ideas that can help create new jobs, bring about nature-based solutions and promote green/blue space because these improvements can bring wider health and well-being benefits, in addition to helping Scotland meet its net-zero commitments.”

Your Questions Answered

Will the proposals generate traffic?

Yes. The site would generate traffic, but on a smaller scale than the existing proposals for the site.

Will there be noise?

A noise assessment will be submitted with the planning application, but the site should not generate any significant noise, and again the noise levels will be lower than for the existing planning consent in place.

Will there be any impact on the local environment?

There will be an environmental statement submitted alongside the planning application. This will assess any likely impact which is not expected to be significant and will be less than the previous proposals.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Give Us Your Views

Thank you for your input to these proposals. Although there is no need for statutory consultation for this planning application, Peel NRE follows best practice in community engagement in all of its planning applications. Your views will help inform the proposals submitted to the council in a planning application.

Please fill in and return the form below. All of the issues raised in the consultation will be addressed in a Consultation Report that will be submitted to the council alongside the planning application. That doesn’t mean that we will agree with every point raised, but we will address all of the issues and explain our response to what you say.

Many thanks for giving us your time.

Richard Barker
Development Director, Peel NRE

Rothesay Dock
Plastic to Hydrogen Fuelling Station

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