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Peel L&P uses natural assets to deliver long-term transformational projects.

Our specialist teams have a proven track record in delivering high-quality, legacy projects across land, property, water and airspace. This includes airports, hotels, waterways, media hubs, leisure facilities, retail, farms and estates, workspaces, residential development, industrial & logistical space, public realm and historic gardens.

We also reuse, repurpose and re-energise natural resources to develop and maintain vital infrastructure across the UK. From wind power, to waterways, to waste-to-fuel solutions, we own and operate assets, manage resources and develop energy solutions to serve our communities and our partners.

Our legacy matters. We take great pride in the outcomes we achieve, the people we work with, the way we go about our business and the transformational projects we deliver. And our approach has given us a track record like no other.

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A new ‘Action Plan for Active Travel’ has been launched by Wirral Waters. The plan sets out five key actions and a range of specific projects, which will help it to realise its ambition in making Wirral Waters the most cyclist and pedestrian friendly development in the UK.

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