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Here for the long-term

We take a long-term approach, working with local authorities and other partners through local plans and project master planning, delivering development opportunities for the market and building a greener future through the creation of sustainable, low carbon developments.

Our communities

Our land and communities team focus on creating places for people to thrive, where everything is considered and developed for a more sustainable future for all. Click on each site below for more information on some of our key projects

What we do

We believe in building a greener future through the creation of sustainable low carbon development, and listening to the needs of local stakeholders and communities. 
Local requirements are important to us in all our developments and we plan meticulously to ensure that these are identified and met where possible. We know that access to nature, and health and wellbeing are important to communities at present more than ever. That’s why we incorporate properly planned and designed open space and recreational facilities into our projects, retaining and enhancing ecology and nature conservation. In addition, many of our larger projects incorporate the creation of publicly accessible green open spaces such as country parks and natural environments.



Our experienced team continually replenish our portfolio to secure new opportunities with acquisitions to ensure we have a range of potential site opportunities available.

If you have a land opportunity and would like to discuss this with us, please email

Masterplanning and Engagement

We handle a huge variety of projects, from developing major new communities, to large industrial warehouses creating employment growth. Masterplanning is at the forefront of everything we do, and community and stakeholder engagement helps us to realise our possibility and strategic visions.

Property and Technical Review

We ensure that all our land and property sites undergo a thorough property and technical review, ensuring that framework, classifications and market value are all current and relevant.


Our portfolio of land opportunities are promoted through the planning system to secure land allocations and planning permissions, working with local authorities and a range of community and business partners, to ensure the transformation of spaces into long-term sustainable investments.

Land Sales and Partnership Agreements

Our land opportunities are either sold for residential or commercial purposes, or we develop sites in-house for lease or rent. We pride ourselves on our experience in natural resource and energy developments, as well as out significant commercial, retail and leisure portfolio, which generate income for our communities and partners.

Infrastructure and Community Creation

We are proud to deliver effective land, ready for redevelopment. Our team of experts have the skills and knowledge for large-scale projects and places to provide infrastructure maintenance and development for all our sites. Our commitment to the communities we create outlined by our vision provides educational and recreational facilities alongside our developments. We understand the importance of greenspace to always create places that allow a balance of work, life and leisure.


We have dedicated asset management teams who are responsible for our landholdings and commercial developments. Occupier satisfaction is imperative to us, allowing us continually to work with our occupies to further develop our sites to ensure overheads are minimised and sites are well-maintained. We work alongside industry partners including land and property agents to enable us to further our reach to match the right development with the most relevant opportunity.

More information

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