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Elton Reservoir, Radcliffe, Bury


The proposals for the Elton Reservoir will create a new parkland community of lasting quality. It will provide around 3,500 family and affordable homes and deliver extensive new accessible green and blue infrastructure that enhances biodiversity and provides a recreational destination. The new neighbourhood will create a sustainable place with a unique character.

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Residents of Radcliffe and Bury are being asked for their feedback on the exciting plans for this new sustainable neighbourhood – an investment in the area of over half a billion pounds.

Key Stats
  • Affordable and family homes for the local community
  • Provision of a strategic link road to alleviate congestion through both Radcliffe and Bury town centres
  • Provision of a new Metrolink stop between Bury and Radcliffe
  • Provision on land for new primary schools
  • The creation of a “destination” parkland, providing a multifunctional green and blue infrastructure network, including the retention, enhancement and creation of footpaths and cycleways
  • Enhancement of the reservoirs and canal to provide opportunities for water-based recreation
  • £485 million estimated investment in the construction of the proposed development
  • 535 estimates jobs supported in retail and leisure businesses annually
  • £94.5 million estimated uplift in gross annual income from new employed residents
  • £24.9 million additional New Homes Bonus revenue


  • Provision of services and facilities to meet local needs, including schools, local centres, green and blue infrastructure and children’s play space
  • A substantial network of leisure resources, including a “destination” parkland with enhanced public access, areas of active recreation, increased biodiversity and improved natural habitats
  • High-quality place making which integrates the built and natural environment to provide an attractive neighbourhood with lasting character
  • Management and maintenance of valued habitats, including Sites of Biological Importance, to enhance biodiversity value
  • A new north-south link road, with a connection to Radcliffe, to alleviate congestion in the local highway network
  • New transport infrastructure, including a new Metrolink stop and Park & Ride between Bury and Radcliffe
  • Enhanced bus services to maximise local take-up
  • Retained, enhanced and new footpath and cycleways

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