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If you have land to sell, we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s land with planning permission, land suitable for planning permission, or more strategic land that needs more support, our team can help you.

Our experienced team manage our diverse portfolio of land opportunities, and lease land to a variety of occupiers with multiple uses, ranging from agricultural farmland to glamping and adrenaline villages.

Extending to circa 12,000 acres, our team’s portfolio encompasses over 3,000 agreements from Kent up to Doncaster, having grown and developed the original Bridgewater Estates, which we acquired in 1983.

Small in size, but expert and professional in our approach – we’ve got the skills and knowledge to transform your land through the Local Planning process or via planning application.

If you have a land opportunity and would like to discuss this with us, please email


We build strong relationships with our tenant farmers who act as custodians for our property. Many of our tenants have worked with us for multiple generations. Being a development company, our estates portfolio is constantly evolving as land is bought forward for development or changes management to provide ecological or social benefit.

Where circumstances permit, we look to support our customers who embrace change, and work with them to ensure continuity of their businesses wherever possible.


Our portfolio includes circa 700 acres of woodland. Some woodland benefits from public access via footpaths or permissive rights of way, some provide commercial recreational opportunity (Botany Bay Adrenaline Village), whilst other woodland areas benefit ecologically from limited access.

We undertake regular safety surveys of our trees, using qualified aboriculturalists, to ensure that we provide a safe environment for the visitors to our estate.

Our trees bring ecological benefit through providing wildlife habitats and also help the environment by capturing carbon. We look to manage our trees proactively so that our woodlands can grow and thrive. We are preparing to enter our woodlands into a 10-year management plan with the Forestry Commission.

Natural Capital

We care about our environment and manage defined areas of land for the benefit of nature. Where possible we look to maintain some beneficial agricultural use on these sites, ensuring management regimes are sustainable in the longer term, enabling our farmers to continue to benefit from the land that we own.

We work with stakeholders such as Natural England to consider the impact of land use upon the environment and explore the potential impacts of land use change.

Amenity, Gardens and Garages

Our portfolio includes between 300 and 400 land parcels let to residential property owners for garden/amenities use or to provide garages or parking spaces.

Ground Rents

We have an extensive ground rent portfolio arising from previous Peel L&P developments.

Public Access

Peel L&P ownership includes many miles of footpaths, bridleways and permissive paths, together with a number of private roads. We are proud to provide our communities with extensive recreational opportunities for the benefit of their health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antisocial Behaviour

Whilst we work hard to take steps to counter antisocial behaviour, we would kindly request that individuals report any antisocial behaviour to the local police, this helps them to build a true picture of the level of the problem and allocate resource.

Invasive Weeds

Where possible we work to prevent the spread of invasive weeds. Please notify us via our Contact Us page of the location of any invasive weed growth.

Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping is a problem across the land portfolio, please report any incidents to our Contact us page, together with a clear location. We would kindly request fly tipping incidents are also reported to the Local Authority.

Overhanging Trees/Vegetation

Adjoining property owners have the right to cut back overhanging vegetation and branches to the boundary line. Where possible we do ask that works are agreed with us in advance and ideally undertaken by a qualified tree surgeon to avoid damage to the trees. Property owners must verify whether local authority consent is required for the proposed works, for example where trees are subject to a preservation order, or within a conservation area or similar designation.

Tree Safety

Trees and other vegetation provide many benefits, sequestering carbon and providing biodiversity. As a company we take a pro-active approach to the management of our tree stock, ensuring the health of our trees, and the safety of our stakeholders. Our trees are risk assessed and inspected by qualified arboriculturalists with remedial work undertaken only to those in poor health and/or posing a significant risk. We do not advocate work to trees, which is not deemed necessary through our regular programme of surveys.

Satellite/Television Interference

It should be noted that there is no legal right to a television signal, satellite dishes and their transmission or a view under statute law. We will not undertake work to trees for these purposes. However, in some limited circumstances we will consider requests to undertake works for any purpose, on a case by case basis and subject to the following conditions; The works are funded wholly at your expense, you indemnify the company from your actions, provide an arboricultural report demonstrating  the work will not be detrimental to the health of the trees and the works will be undertaken by a suitably qualified tree surgeon and a risk assessment and method statement completed by a competent person. Where permissive works are agreed a licence will be issued and a small fee charged to cover our administration costs.

Ownership Queries

If you have a query relating to Peel L&P ownership, please send a plan via contact us page.

Land to Rent

We occasionally have land available to rent for agricultural or equestrian purposes, all available property is advertised via our Peel L&P Opportunities page or contact us direct

Farms to Rent

We very occasionally have farms available to rent for agricultural or equestrian purposes, all available property is advertised via our Peel L&P Opportunities page or contact us direct

Garden Agreements

We own a number of residential gardens. The agreements are personal to the agreement holder and not transferrable to a new property owner. If you are in the process of purchasing a property that adjoins a Peel L&P owned garden, please Contact Us to discuss. When a new agreement can be granted to the new owner, this is subject to a fee of £150 plus VAT.

Restrictive Covenants

Many properties previously owned by Peel L&P are subject to restrictions relating to use. Please contact us at an early stage to discuss your plans.

If you can’t find the answer to your query detailed in our frequently asked questions to the left, please contact us here: