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Whinney Carr Farm, Lancaster


Residential development has been proposed on this site for over 20 years. Circumstances are now right to bring a fresh and exciting new scheme forward and a planning application for c. 1,000 homes is in the early stages of preparation, with input from Northstone in terms of layout innovation and sustainability credentials. It is likely that a first phase of development of between 250 to 300 homes will be proposed in detail with the balance of the site being proposed for outline planning consent.

The site falls within a wider Broad Location for Growth / Garden Village, which now benefits from formal designation in the recently adopted Local Plan, approval from Government and from Housing Infrastructure Fund support. A high-quality, sustainable development of around 1,000 homes is proposed which will assist the sustainable growth of Lancaster – helping to provide much needed new housing alongside assessible and wildlife rich green spaces and supporting infrastructure.

Key Stats
  • c. 1,000 new home are proposed.
  • 106 acres of land is owned / controlled by Peel L&P.
  • Overall scheme acreage of c. 120 acres.
  • The site sits close to the historic City of Lancaster
  • The site includes a geological feature known as a Drumlin – a mound dating back to the Ice Age which is located in the centre of the site. The Drumlin creates an opportunity to create a vantage / viewing point in the centre of the site, which will be surrounded by open space and green corridors which will permeate throughout the whole site – creating a special, attractive, sustainable and nature rich development location.
  • Priority to pedestrians and cyclists and will
  • provide access to proposed bus priority route and cycle superhighway along the A6 corridor.


  • Adoption of key sustainability principles in both layout and housing design
  • Priority given to pedestrians and cyclists
  • provide access to proposed bus priority route and cycle superhighway along the A6 corridor.
  • Key wildlife and landscape features are proposed to be retained and enhanced.
  • The proposed homes will have high standards of energy efficiency (utilising the latest technologies) and sustainable build.
  • Sustainable drainage designs will be adopted to manage surface water drainage, with likely benefits in terms of reducing flood risk in the wider area.
  • The scheme will include attenuation ponds which will provide valuable new habitat areas, set in attractive open space areas.
  • The scope for a local Heat Network to serve the development is being explored with Peel Energy.


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