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From the start to finish of a project, Peel NRE seeks to build strong working relationships with communities surrounding its sites to help manage the impact from construction on the local area. 

We have done this by

Assessing sensitive receptors near the site, for example, the noise and visual impact

Designing the layout of the site and choosing equipment to minimise any potential impact

Applying considerate construction principles

Getting involved with the community throughout the life of the project, for example, through recreation,
education, employment and community funds

Over three years our community benefit funds have provided over £500,000 to local communities for a huge variety of projects and will continue to support their growth and resilience for decades to come.

We adapted our engagement practices in response to the Covid19 pandemic and ran several ‘virtual’ consultations, making use of social media channels and the wider range of opportunities for rapid engagement that these afford.

Engagement and participation are integral to NRE Peel’s approach to community consultation.

Please visit our dedicated Protos community page for more information.

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