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As the UK makes the switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles (EV) there is an increasing demand for charging infrastructure. A lack of charging infrastructure is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption in the UK and Peel NRE are committed to supporting the roll-out of this infrastructure in several different ways. 

Peel NRE is supporting the shift towards a greener society, by installing fast charging points (22kW) across Peel L&P’s land, providing amenity charging for users of our car parks, office and retail destinations. With over 30,000 parking spaces within Peel L&P ownership, this represents a major contribution to helping our residents, occupiers and visitors decarbonise their journeys to our sites. 

We are also working on plans to partner with other major landowners to build a network of rapid EV charging points and are watching industry developments with respect to dedicated charging hubs with interest. If you would like to work with Peel NRE on EV charging plans for your business or property portfolio, please get in touch. 

More announcements in respect of this exciting and dynamic sector will follow soon. 

The demand for new charging infrastructure is spread between home, work and public charging locations.

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