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Peel NRE are involved in many aspects of the materials management sector including the provision of primary and recycled aggregates and providing opportunities for the beneficial re-use of materials at its sites to provide economic and environmental benefits. We are investing in new technologies that can recycle valuable construction products from the waste stream that would otherwise be lost, helping to preserve existing primary aggregate reserves for applications where there is no alternative.

Investing in and operating technologies that recover aggregates from the waste stream and then using these products in the construction of Peel L&P projects, and others, is part of our contribution to a circular economy and the integration of Peel L&P.

We see value in yesterday’s waste and the potential to turn problematic landfill sites into regeneration opportunities by recovering resources that have been previously been discarded, as demonstrated by our new company NRE Aggregates, located at Port Salford.

Aggregates and Minerals

Peel NRE have a long association with mineral extraction from its land assets with continuing interests in several sand, gravel and hard rock quarries. These operations have extensive reserves that produce a variety of primary aggregates and dimension stone products which satisfy local and national markets. Working with landowners and operators, we actively seek to identify new market opportunities, secure new mineral reserves and bring forward mineral extraction opportunities across the UK.

The increased use of recycled aggregates in construction is environmentally beneficial and Peel NRE are investing in the recycled aggregates sector so that more recycled products can be used in Peel L&P development projects and for the wider development and infrastructure sector. The increased use of recycled aggregates in Peel L&P projects is part of our contribution to the circular economy and the achievement of our sustainability goals.

Where we operate

Peel NRE operates in several areas across the United Kingdom including:

• Finningley Quarry
• Woolston Deposit Grounds
• Astley Sand and Gravel Quarry

Port Salford

Soils and Inert Materials Management

Large strategic development sites can provide the opportunity and time needed to implement innovative strategies for enabling works which can reduce costs and save time.

Careful management of materials is essential to the successful delivery of projects and Peel NRE works with other parts of Peel L&P and its contractors to ensure efficient earthworks strategies are deployed on its strategic sites.

By ensuring valuable materials are recovered from sites prior to development or tailoring the design of projects to make the most of ground conditions we seek to ensure that inherent value in our sites is not missed.

Landfill Mining and Recovery

Peel NRE believe that yesterday’s waste can be a resource of the future. By recovering valuable resources from historic landfill sites and remediating these sites to provide regeneration opportunities we are exploring the potential for landfill mining and regeneration in order to mitigate the long term liability associated with the former use of these sites.

We are working with a team of industry experts to assess and deliver the potential opportunities associated with the regeneration of former landfill disposal sites.

More Information

Visit our NRE Aggregates website to find out about our Port Salford location, or for more information about Materials Management, please fill in our enquiry form.