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The UK’s future energy needs can only be met through a mixture of energy technologies and Peel NRE's investment in the sector is designed to support these requirements. 

Security of energy supply demands measures such as greater household and business energy efficiency and improved distribution and transmission infrastructure alongside diverse sustainable generation.

Residual waste that cannot be recycled is a resource from which energy can be recovered.

Energy from waste can contribute to the objective of security of supply. Peel Environmental is supporting the development of a number of sites for a range of energy from waste schemes.

Developing and de-risking projects through the development phase – obtaining property rights, securing planning permission, other relevant environmental licences and, where appropriate, undertaking enabling works.

The appropriate technology to satisfy the local market requirement is selected and sites suitable to support the technology are identified. Where possible these can be co-located to export heat and power to neighbouring industry and developments. We have secured planning approval for projects ranging in capacity from 1.5MW to 95MW and embrace technologies including Anaerobic Digestion, Advanced Conversion Technologies and Traditional Energy from Waste.

Peel NRE have a proven track record of providing new market entrants with support in developing and de-risking projects.

We monitor for the emergence of new Environmental Technologies that we can support through the early stage development, providing a property solution and utilising our knowledge to de-risk the projects through the planning stage.

A case study for this being the provision of property to a European paper recycling company for its entry into the UK paper market. Supporting the company through the planning process to secure consent for one of the largest paper recycling and production facility in the UK.

We continue to work with a series of key stakeholders including developers and operator in the developing biogas market and the emerging hydrogen sector.

Energy from Waste sector is a key development area where the company has a proven track record in taking low value industrial land and securing high value alternative energy generating uses. We monitor the market and engage with the waste and resource sectors to identify opportunities within the Peel Group portfolio and on third party sites.

The company has an established track record having sold to developers and operators three Energy from Waste facilities in the last three years that are either in construction or operational.

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