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Peel NRE have been in operation since 2006 and offer a range of water services across the portfolio of canals, rivers and docks. Peel NRE currently provides access to more than 150,000,000m3 of water per annum for both industrial and potable uses as well as providing wastewater and drainage services to much of the land around its waterways, most notably the Manchester Ship Canal, Bridgewater Canal, River Medway and other docks throughout the United Kingdom.

These services are provided by us to end users as a sustainable and affordable business-to-business offering. Peel NRE does this through the private market, providing a flexible and cost-effective service as an alternative to traditional incumbent utility providers.

With the enactment of the Water Industry Act 2014 being felt in the marketplace, Peel NRE are looking to work with potential customers to identify opportunities for on-site efficiencies and cost savings which we can offer through our unique assets and industry expertise.

We will explore what is possible on a no cost, no obligation basis

We understand the needs and business drivers of our customers and will quickly establish if a deal offers the scale of benefit required for the end user and whether we are the most suitable service provider.

We are able to offer the customer solutions tailored to their specific needs whilst also bringing our local and industry knowledge to educate the projects on the long-term changes which may affect the ongoing business model.

Water Services for all your business needs.

Water services

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