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We’re focused on creating thriving sustainable places for people to enjoy, relax and unwind. Our experience in the retail and leisure sectors allows us to create outstanding and unique experiences for all.

Our Retail portfolio includes the recently acquired Trafford Palazzo, located in the heart of TraffordCity, a world-class destination at the forefront of retail, leisure and commercial development.

We also own and manage many of the UK’s leading Retail Parks, creating stand-out shopping destinations where retailers want to be and customers want to shop.

We continually evolve our
portfolio to create sustainable
places for people to experience
the most unique attractions

Trafford Palazzo is a £300m investment adjoining The Trafford Centre at the heart of TraffordCity, providing the space and backdrop for global brands to showcase their latest flagship stores, new design concepts and product ranges.

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Retail Parks
We own and manage 9 Retail Parks across the UK

Trafford Palazzo
The next generation of retail, leisure and dining

Media City
An international hub for technology, innovation and creativity

The UK’s foremost retail, leisure and commercial destination

Hulton Park
A new international sports destination and resort

Bridgewater Canal
Our historic canal stretches 65km (39 miles) from Runcorn to Leigh in the North West of England

RHS Bridgewater
One of our most significant legacy projects in partnership with the RHS

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